Dimensions that define Newline


In the span of time since 1998, when Newline came into existence, we have garnered deep experience in marketing communication. We know WHO the audience is and WHERE to reach them. We know how to devise effective communication and WHEN to transmit it. In short, we know WHAT works and what does not. Frankly, there’s no substitute for experience and we have tons of it.


There was a time when print communication ruled the roost. Then came radio, films and television. Today it’s the era of digital and social media. Over the years, we’ve embraced each new medium and gained the capability to put it to best use. We keep pace with the latest technology without losing touch with older media. In effect, we can not only produce communication in any medium, but also suggest which ones are the most appropriate to achieve the desired result.


Relationships have, today, become transitory in nature. We however, believe that commitment is the foundation, upon which professional relations are built. This translates into making an effort to understand client needs thoroughly and digging deep into our resources to achieve what is needed. Commitment, for us, is not just about meeting deadlines, but delivering results as well.


There are two kinds of advertising agencies in the circuit. One, which focuses on producing award winning work and the other kind that aims at producing advertising that works.
We are strongly in the second camp because we know that while awards boost egos, they don’t necessarily boost markets. And we believe that we are duty-bound to enhancing the perceived of value of our clients’ products and services. Rather than awards, we prefer to fill our showcases with..


In the nearly two decades that we have devoted to mass communication, we have not only seen dramatic changes, but welcomed them with open arms. While retaining our strengths in traditional media, we have consistently added new abilities and skills. The result is that we are in a position to deliver a range of services that very few others can. Drawing on our experience, we are ideally placed to advice clients on what will work for them and to devise creative solutions that do so.


Newline was founded on the belief that marketing communications is much more than an attractive visual and a smart headline. The communication must meet an objective, be it tactical or strategic in nature. To enable this, communication must be tailored keeping in mind the product, purpose, media audience and other factors that determine the results produced. In this context, we see creativity as a tool that attracts, holds audience interest and creates an impact that registers..